Rear Garden Resin Install Makeover

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    April 2017

  • Category

    Garden and Pathways, Resin Surfacing

The Project

Garden makeover in Hampton for a lovely lady that wanted to reduce the amount of work involved in maintaining her garden but at the same time improve the look of it.

What we did


After our initial visit it was decided that a Resin Bound install would make perfect sense as the maintenance involved is pretty much zero.

The lady wanted to keep some grass so we had the idea to create a small circle in charcoal blocks to which we would install new turf.

The entire install would then be edged with matching charcoal blocks.

The start of the project involved in excavating the area by hand as it was too smaller access for a digger. We then installed the edging blocks before installing the concerete base.

Once the base had cured we finished the area with Daltex Golden Quartz aggregate Bound in UV resistant Resin.