Resin Front Garden Area in Towgood Helpston

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    April 2017

  • Category

    Garden and Pathways, Resin Surfacing

The Project

Our customer was tired of all the weeding she was having to do with the front area of her house that was gravelled.

She had installed a membrane some time ago but dispite all efforts the area was a nitemare to keep on top of.

What we did

It was easy to see that the best option for our client was going to be a Resin install.

This would keep the front looking decorative like the gravel but with no weeding whatsoever.

We installed a concrete base after removing all the gravel as well as a small block area for the previously installed plants to be displayed in within the Resin.

End result is a stunning front that glistens in the sun and requires no maintenance.