Resin Bound Driveway in Peakirk

New Resin Driveway Installed in Peakirk

The Project

We were asked what we recommended to improve our clients driveway in Peakirk as it wasnt in the best of condition.

What we did

As the customer had a previous tarmac installation it was recommended that a Resin Bound installation would make the most sense as only areas that were too badly worn would need to be excavated, reducing install time and disruption.

The end result was a stunning driveway finished in Golden Pea aggregate bound in UV resin with Charcoal edging restraints.

There is minimal maintenance as the Resin is weed and moss resistant and things like oil will wash off.

Resin Driveway Werrington

Resin Bound Driveway Install Werrington

The Project

Our clients had a very old concrete drive, which although was still extremely solid, had seen better days and was looking quite tired and worn out.

Another issue our customers had with their driveway was the levels. There was a huge drop down from in front of the garage down to the house entrance.  They asked us to try and improve this by reducing the fall as well as asking us to widen the actual drive by around half a metre.

What we did

An area next to the driveway was excavated to increase the width. We then had to remove the loose stone from the centre of the drive and take some of the concrete out so we could get the right levels.

Once we had managed to get the right levels, excavated areas were stoned with MOT type 1 hardcore, whickered and edging blocks installed.

Concrete was then used where needed and once cured the entire driveway was primed and the Resin trowelled.

Our customers wanted Silver with a hint of black to match other parts of their house such as the doors.

The final result was a huge transformation that will last for years with zero maintenance, oh and no more huge drop to the front door from the garage.

Resin Bound Pathway Install in Werrington

Resin Pathway Installations in Werrington

The Project

The old path down the side of the property was old crazy paving and looked very worn, tired and certainly needed re-vamping.

What we did

The crazy paving was re-pointed where required and block edgings installed. The area was primed and then Daltex White Flint aggregate installed in UV Resin.

Resin Garden Install in Thorney

Resin Front and Rear Garden Areas

The Project

Our customers had loose gravel at the rear and front of their property in Thorney which they wanted to replace with a Resin Bound installation.

What we did

We removed the old gravel and installed new edging blocks in Buff to match the install.

Type 1 hardcore was used to give a great solid base and finished with concerete install.

Golden Quartz aggregate was then installed within a UV resistant two part Resin.

Resin Driveway in Stanground Peterborough

Resin Bound Driveway Install in Stanground

The Project

Our client had an old slabbed and gravelled driveway which was looking in some state and wanted to improve the look of their property with a new Resin Bound Driveway.

What we did

The entire driveway was excavated and the old manhole covers re-set so they matched the new height of the drive.

Unfortunately next doors manhole cover pretruded into our clients drive but could not be moved without the consent of the house owner so we had to work around this with our installation.

Type 1 hardcore was used for the concrete base and charcoal edging blocks installed. The final resin install was completed with a mixture of Daltex Black and Daltex Silver aggregate Bound in UV resistant Resin.

Garden Finished in Daltex Golden Quartz Resin

Rear Garden Resin Install Makeover

The Project

Garden makeover in Hampton for a lovely lady that wanted to reduce the amount of work involved in maintaining her garden but at the same time improve the look of it.

What we did


After our initial visit it was decided that a Resin Bound install would make perfect sense as the maintenance involved is pretty much zero.

The lady wanted to keep some grass so we had the idea to create a small circle in charcoal blocks to which we would install new turf.

The entire install would then be edged with matching charcoal blocks.

The start of the project involved in excavating the area by hand as it was too smaller access for a digger. We then installed the edging blocks before installing the concerete base.

Once the base had cured we finished the area with Daltex Golden Quartz aggregate Bound in UV resistant Resin.

Resin Drive With Metal Posts

Resin Driveway Installed in Cardea

The Project

Our clients wanted to improve the front area of their house which was high maintenance and wasnt being utilised as it could be.

What we did


We recommended a Resin Bound installation and started by excavating the current area so we could install a good solid base for vehicular traffic.

We created a path to the front door using buff edging blocks and a different colour Resin aggregate so it stood out from the rest of the front.

The main install area was finished in Daltex Silver with the path in White Flint both bound in UV resistant Resin.

Resin Finished in Staffordshire Pink

Resin Front Garden Area in Towgood Helpston

The Project

Our customer was tired of all the weeding she was having to do with the front area of her house that was gravelled.

She had installed a membrane some time ago but dispite all efforts the area was a nitemare to keep on top of.

What we did

It was easy to see that the best option for our client was going to be a Resin install.

This would keep the front looking decorative like the gravel but with no weeding whatsoever.

We installed a concrete base after removing all the gravel as well as a small block area for the previously installed plants to be displayed in within the Resin.

End result is a stunning front that glistens in the sun and requires no maintenance.

Resin Garden Feature finished in Daltex Silver

Resin Garden Pathway Feature

The Project

Our clients had a pathway in a key shape as a feature in their garden which had loose gravel on top of it and was becoming a bit of a pain to keep looking tidy due to weeds and the gravel moving.

What we did

All the gravel was lifted and the area was dug out ready for a concrete base.

One the concrete base had been given enough time to cure, the area was trowelled with Daltex Silver aggregate bound in a UVA resin.

Resin Pathway Werrington

Resin Pathway and Garden Makeover in Werrington

The Project

Customer had seen one of our Resin projects elsewhere in Werrington and wanted to use the product to improve their front garden area which was pretty much just soil, leaves and an old concrete path

What we did

After an initial meeting with our client to discuss design ideas, we came up with a pathway with the height lifted slightly to eliminate a large drop into the garden from the gate.

The path would then branch off to the left quite narrow around the bay windows as a feature and to the right quite wide to the rear garden gate access.

We installed new blocks to break up the modern Staffordshire Pink Resin and turfed both sides of the garden.